Mo. - Fr. 09.00 AM - 05.00 PM

Pickup (origin)

Accessorial at Pickup


Accessorial at Delivery


**ALL item must be crated, boxed, palletized or in drums.
**No loose Item or overhang freight are accepted.
Transit Time, Pickup Date, Delivery Date
** These quotes are for called non-guaranteed service. Transit time are estimate only and given by the booked carrier.
** Pickup: Mo. – Fr. from 12.00 PM – 05.30 PM
** Delivery: Mo. – Fr. from 08.00 AM – 12.00 PM
** Pickup within 2 days of booking, same day pickup possible if booked before noon.
** Pickup date, weekend, holiday, are not counted for transit time
** Residential, Limited Access Location mostly require a delivery appointment made between the destination terminal and the receiver.
Validity of the quote:
** Quotes are based on the provided: piece count, dimension, weight, address classification.
ANY change of the above can change the rate. Carrier may check the weight on a certified scale, dimension within a laser measurement machine. Our dispatch continues check the address classification.
** We offer additional premium insurance at the rate of 35 USD for 12,000 value. Additional 3.00 USD for every 1k value add-on
** If no additional premium insurance is chosen the shipment will be moved under the applicable carrier liability.
We can only provide quotes on the details you provide us.
Please feel free to contact us for any query.
E Mail :

Right now we only offering online quote's up to the
destination port. If you need a door delivery rate
pleae send us an E Mail to:

Currently under construction.
We are working hard to provide this service asap.

We will update all our customer via E Mail once this service is available